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Health in Tech: IT Support for Toronto’s Medical Industry

Providing healthcare today doesn’t just mean looking after the medical needs of your patients – it also means looking after the overall health of everything you need to deliver an unparalleled level of patient care.

Modern healthcare practices rely on computer-powered equipment to deliver patient care to those who need it most, but are your tools in perfect health required to perform the job?

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As a leading IT provider and consulting firm for the healthcare industry in Toronto and the GTA, we know how hard healthcare professionals, like yourself, strive to nurse your patients back to health, whether it is in a small practice or an entire hospital.

At MIT Consulting, we work to keep your healthcare facility’s tech in good health, so you can focus on that of your patients.

From nursing critical patients, to providing ongoing medical support through therapy and rehabilitation, your daily work requires utilizing the right tools and tech-driven equipment to support each of your patients needs. To ensure ongoing high levels of patient care, this tech must be regularly maintained and upgraded to provide you with better diagnostics of your patients’ health and metrics regarding their progress.

Here’s how you can maintain uninterrupted, high quality patient care with 24/7 on-site and remote tech support and managed IT services we tailor specifically for the healthcare industry:

  • Industry knowledge and experience in installing, upgrading, and maintaining computer-powered medical devices
  • Software management and regular upgrades for care delivery, administration, and collaboration
  • Security solutions for maintaining confidentiality of medical records.

Full Use and Functionality of Medical Devices

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Healthcare facilities, like yours, are packed with many medical devices that vary in functions, complexity, and reliance on computer networks. These include x-rays and CT scans, MRI machines, patient monitoring, surgical tools, and physiotherapy or rehabilitation equipment. Add to that, you also require computers for monitoring a patient’s treatment progress.

All these medical devices rely on up-to-date software and reliable hardware components to assist you in providing optimal patient care.

Armed with knowledge and years of experience in installing, upgrading, and maintaining these medical devices, we can easily set up new equipment, deploy system upgrades, and provide routine, proactive maintenance remotely, or on-site in the event of a breakdown.

The care and continuous improvement of the medical devices your healthcare facility can be part of the monthly managed IT services plan you book with us, ensuring a holistic approach to IT support for when you need it most.

A Modern, Technical Approach to Healthcare

toronto healthcare IT consulting firms

Fact is, technology is required not just for powering the medical devices that aid in your patient’s treatment; but also for monitoring their progress, designing their treatment plan, and studying their medical history to come up with the best course of treatment or investigate the specific effects of their ongoing conditions.

By administering patient care with the help of technology, healthcare practitioners can deliver leading medical innovations and excellent patient care.

What does a tech upgrade mean for the medical and healthcare industry?

  • Collaborative approach to treatment
  • Utmost transparency with patients regarding their treatment progress
  • Accuracy in maintaining and updating medical records
  • Healthcare innovation through integrated medical databases and research materials.
  • With our Software Development service at MIT, you can deliver a technical, up-to-date approach to health and patient care. An easily customizable software can be developed and deployed to your systems for ease of administering care and treatment.

    Backed by an integrated approach to healthcare enabled by a complete software solution, you can stay informed of your patient’s progress and easily communicate developments with them, alter course of treatment according to the latest research, keep track of your own medical innovations, carefully update their medical records, and collaborate with other healthcare providers for a holistic approach to their care.

    Following the deployment of this custom patient care management software, constant updates and routine maintenance can be made available through a monthly managed IT services plan, or on-demand, through repairs and emergency response.

    Treat Patients in Confidence

    toronto healthcare IT consulting firms

    Equally important as correctly diagnosing patients, designing effective treatment plans, and remaining committed to their holistic care is safeguarding their confidence. There’s nothing that a patient values more than knowing that they can trust their doctors, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare providers, be completely honest about their medical history, and trust that the sensitive information they provide remain in confidence.

    But how can the healthcare industry protect the confidence of patients and ensure their utmost privacy in the digital age?

    Protecting patients’ personal information and treatment data requires security solutions that can detect threats to privacy, despite the digital components of healthcare management and record-keeping.

    As a tech provider in Toronto and the GTA, we know how important it is to communicate with patients in confidence and have their medical history remain private. Through industry-specific IT security solutions crafted especially for the healthcare industry, patient confidentiality can be upheld at the highest standard.

    Here’s how MIT helps uphold patient confidentiality and ensures that a safe and secure space is provided for medical treatment and innovation:

    • Security risk assessments – to diagnose your medical facility’s use of IT and level of information security protocols in place.
    • Email and spam protection – for protecting communication among healthcare providers collaborating on a patient’s care, as well as communication to patients regarding treatment progress.
    • Virus and spyware removal – ensure that all computer-operated medical devices, patient monitoring systems, and databases are secure, and patient information remains confidential.
    • Data backup – quick and complete recovery of healthcare data and specific patient information following a disaster.
    • Keep your tech in check and in good health, so you have access to the right tools for taking care of patients.Book a consultation for IT services and support for your healthcare facility in Toronto today.