The reality of technology is this: its massive growth in the last decade means that much of everyday life – both personal and professional – is largely governed by a smart use of the latest tech to produce innovations, whether it’s a new product or service, or building on existing practices and processes to set the standard for growth in an entire industry.

Many businesses spanning a diverse range of industries today rely on the smart use of technology to stand out in Toronto’s competitive market.

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At M.I.T. Consulting, we pride ourselves in our ability to craft industry-specific IT support and services, so that your business has the right tools to succeed.

We provide tech services and solutions to a diverse range of industries, including Legal, Medical, Education, and Not-for-profit. Learn more:

See the diverse range of industries that benefit from MIT tech services and solutions:


At MIT, we understand the challenges and opportunities the world today presents to the legal community, particularly those pertaining to confidentiality of information, while streamlining documentation.

To work towards the best interest of your clients, we know how important it is to leverage technology that enhances your communication with them, as well as among your team, and documents every strategy made and proceeding attended along the way.

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Our commitment is to provide law firms in Toronto like yours with tech support and services that make it easier for clients to reach you whenever necessary, so you can provide legal support and advice without having to worry about the technology that makes it possible.

By providing your firm with up-to-date, secure, and innovative tech support and services, we can ensure:

  • Enhanced communication with clients
  • Prevention of downtimes brought on by aging hardware and previously unreliable technology
  • Minimized exposure to vulnerabilities, particularly security threats against sensitive attorney-client information

At MIT, you can count on us to fit your firm with the latest tech along with security solutions, so you can focus on providing topnotch legal services to clients who need them most. Here’s how we can help you achieve that:

  • Keep your clients’ confidential information secure from possible breaches in the form of unauthorized internal and external access, such as malwares, viruses, and phishing attempts, among others.
  • Backup all your files and applications in our secure data centre and introduce the use of cloud storage solutions for easier collaboration in-office, while ensuring quick recovery of information in the event of a disaster.
  • Provide timely support, whether remote or on-site to resolve technical issues and respond to your questions and concerns.

Does your law firm in Toronto require tech support and services tailored specifically to your clients’ needs and the legal requirements in Ontario? Get in touch with us to start.


Imagine if you could work with technology that performs parallel to the patient care you strive to provide each patient, whether in a small practice, or an entire hospital.

With our IT support and services designed specifically for medical practice, you can provide better care to your patients without having to worry about keeping their records updated, organized, and confidential, while being certain that you can rely on modern, computer-powered medical equipment to assist in their care.

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At MIT, we keep the health of your computers and equipment in check, so you can focus on that of your patients. Here’s how we achieve that:

  • Industry-level knowledge and experience in working with various computer-operated medical devices
  • 24/7 on-site and remote IT support available for quick response to emergencies and system breakdowns
  • Routine, proactive maintenance through remote monitoring
  • Software management and regular upgrades
  • Virus, spyware, and spam protection to maintain utmost confidentiality of medical records
  • Trusted repair and warranty centre of computer brands you know and trust

No matter the size of your healthcare facility or practice, MIT has the necessary experience and resources to provide you with medical industry-grade IT support and services you can count on for holistic healthcare service.

We support the tech requirements of the following:

  • Small medical practices (1 to 4 physicians in a clinic)
  • Medium-sized medical practices (5 to 10 physicians in a private practice)
  • Large medical practice (more than 11 physicians in a practice or hospital)
  • Other healthcare facilities, such as rehabilitation and wellness centers.

With our industry-specific approach to IT support and services, you can trust us at MIT to satisfy all the tech requirements you need to provide excellent healthcare in the modern age. We perform just as well as any in-house IT department, with the same level of confidence and industry knowledge – but without the large overhead costs.

Keep your patients’ health in check with the help of technology that supports the life-changing work you do. Book a tech support call or sign up your medical or healthcare facility for a monthly IT plan.


We want to see the next generation of students succeed, which is why we believe they deserve access to the latest technology that will help their learning process. Our technicians provide you with and monitor your IT system so you can focus on shaping the minds of the future.

As teachers and mentors tasked with shaping the bright minds and ideas of tomorrow, your focus should be on empowering your students to succeed. That’s why when you partner with us at MIT, our guarantee is a personalized, individualized approach to learning – made possible by technological resources that drive every student’s progress.

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We aim to foster modern, lifelong learning through the following tech solutions:

For primary and secondary learning:

  • Close monitoring of progress through online academic portals and databases
  • Supplement in-school lessons with online classroom sessions and resources

For higher education:

  • Enable online access to campus-based student services, such as health and library
  • Create a digital campus experience, particularly for strengthening distance learning
  • Cloud storage and online learning portals for ease of collaboration among students and professors

We provide services to learning institutions ranging from elementary to university level. Whatever age your students are, they can benefit from better technology. You can trust MIT to support the specific tech requirements essential to your students’ learning experience, and your staff’s collaboration.

Cyber Security

Does your institution have proactive cyber security to prevent data breaches?

School computer records contain sensitive data that is valuable to hackers. A staggering amount of organizations have experienced data breaches and if your school is unlucky enough to experience one, you are obligated to tell your school community.

Don’t put your students at risk of a breach of privacy. MIT takes security very seriously and we create a safe environment where your students can learn and collaborate without fear of a data breach.

Working as your school’s in-house IT department – but without the budgetary requirements, we can help you and your students unlock these achievements:

  • Save on tech-related costs, thanks to your subscription to managed IT services at a flat rate monthly fee.
  • Keep the learning and collaboration experience safe and secure from external security threats and disruptions brought on by spyware, viruses, and spam.
  • Keep your students productive both in and out of school with secure access to cloud services so they can learn on-the-go and easily complete assignments.
  • A reliable use of up-to-date technology to facilitate a modern teaching and learning experience, made possible by 24/7 remote monitoring, with available on-site support.

Graduate to a smarter use of technology by supporting the learning experience with tools for success, starting with the latest in IT coming to your school in Toronto. Reach out to us to get started.

Not-for-profit Organizations

At MIT, we know your mission as a not-for-profit organization in Toronto is goodwill; while ours is introducing a smart use of technology to make this possible in the fast-paced digital age.

Your goal is to maximize community outreach, made possible by a smart use of available resources – and our cutting-edge, but cost-effective IT solutions are here to help.

As an IT services provider dedicated to helping your organization rally your causes, we understand the budgetary constraints can sometimes hinder the way you extend help to those in need. That’s why MIT remains steadfast to its commitment of reliable, up-to-date technology that does not break the bank and limit the number of lives you can touch through your organization.

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Here’s how we can help you make the most of every cent in your non-profit’s funding, so you can efficiently allocate resources to the programs every local community you support needs:

  • Discounted rates for on-demand IT support needs and monthly IT service plans;
  • Financing guidance to make the most of your budget and ensure a smart use of modern technology to support your causes.
  • Assistance with accessing not-for-profit licensing packages from tech vendors, so you can upgrade to the latest software and hardware that support your outreach initiatives;

When you entrust your organization’s needs with us, you can focus on delivering goodwill and supporting the needs of the communities you support, as well as the causes your non-profit is dedicated to advancing in Toronto.

Our guarantee is a smart use of technology made possible by the following staples in your industry:

  • Predictable and cost-effective managed IT services, ensuring complete IT support 24/7 and quick response to issues;
  • Cloud storage solutions for easier collaboration in the office, and out on the field;
  • Protection of your most important assets from malware, spam, and hacking;
  • Seamless file-sharing among partners, donors, and volunteers.

There’s goodwill in tech – and a partnership with us at MIT proves that. Learn how we can help your not-for-profit organization in Toronto achieve targets and help local communities, starting with a smart use of the latest IT services.

Are you looking to improve your industry’s use of the latest technology but do not see your specific needs listed here? Reach out to us today to see how we can help you craft an industry-specific IT solution to help you succeed.