Today’s digital landscape is rapidly changing the traditional processes and conventions we live by – including those that are governed by the law.

As a lawyer dedicated to both your clients’ needs and a responsive practice of the law, how are you keeping up with the technological demands of today’s legal claims and issues? Is your data safe? Are you abiding by solicitor-client privilege? 

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At MIT Consulting, we know how important your legal practice in Toronto is. You are dedicated to your clients’ needs and take pride in being a responsible guardian of their confidential information. Apart from keeping up with clients’ needs, there are legal requirements that need to be satisfied when providing representation. That’s why working with the right kind of technology is crucial in supporting your clients’ needs and abiding by your duty to provide quality legal advice and expertise, both in and out of court.

Our mission is to equip you with up-to-date technology that helps you become a better lawyer.

We understand how much client support means to you. That’s why at MIT, we work to provide you with IT support and services specific to your unique needs in the legal industry. We provide you with:

  • Reliable data backup and cloud storage to further collaboration between colleagues in and out of the office
  • Exceptional data security that fulfills solicitor-client privilege across all communication forms
  • Spyware and malware removal and constant protection against cyber-crime
  • Up-to-date billables tracking.

Communicate with Clients in Confidence

Information pertaining to each client’s case is sensitive, and that’s why these are protected by solicitor-client privilege.

You wouldn’t trust your credit card company if they didn’t provide you with a password that safeguards your bank account. So why should your clients trust you if you don’t have cyber security in place to protect their sensitive information? Your current system of cyber security is acceptable until disaster strikes and the firm suffers irreparable damage.

Whether you’re at a large firm or you run a solo operation, cyber security is a non-negotiable. Cyber-crime is easily preventable and implementing the right security measures is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Introducing cyber security into your firm will increase business as clients know that their sensitive data is safe with you.

You make yourself available to your clients 24/7. We give you the same assurance with our IT support staff who are available 24/7.

With the increasing reliance on digital technology, how can you ensure that your lines of communication are secure? 

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We outfit you firm with security solutions that will allow you to communicate with clients and colleagues securely and efficiently. This way, clients can reach out to you anytime, keep abreast of the latest developments in their case, divulge sensitive information, and discuss strategy with the utmost confidence that your communications remain secure and privileged.

Because every case, every strategy, and every victory in and out of court is a collaborative effort among all the members of your firm’s legal practice in Toronto, it’s important to keep your communications secure as well. Discuss strategy, line of questioning, and important documentation with your team in confidence – made possible by the latest, most secure tech. You can trust that your data will be safe from cyber criminals when you work with M.I.T Consulting.

IT support services for maintaining privileged communication:

Legal Practice On-the-go

Can I go mobile?

As a lawyer striving to uphold the ideals of the law through effective and responsive client representation, we know that your job goes beyond the standard 9 to 5, and doesn’t end when you’re out of the office or courtroom.

The best lawyers in Toronto are committed to 24/7 legal representation, and our tech support services for your practice are here to support that.

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So whether it’s communicating with clients in confidence or accessing files in discovery, witness lists, or mapping out your strategy in court, you need to be able to rely on technology that helps you get the job done, no matter the time of the day.

Working out of a secure cloud storage, you can trust us to periodically backup crucial files and documents and equip your entire team with applications necessary for collaborating and accessing all the information you need to adequately represent each client.

Our IT services for accessing the office from anywhere:

Every Billable Counts

At MIT Consulting, we know that the legal industry not only thrives on expertise and dedication to adequate representation, but also on billables that help fund your best efforts.

How can you effectively keep track of the billables you need to recoup in order to help your practice thrive and continue providing legal services in Toronto?

Keep track of how much billables you’re set to collect, so you can equip your legal practice in Toronto with adequate resources for keeping it afloat, and always a step ahead of the competition. Ensure that you get paid for the unparalleled legal expertise and advice you offer, so you can continue doing more and fighting the good fight – especially for those who have no one else to fight for them.

Your billables, reimagined. With leading software development services, you can bill smarter and earn faster.

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Our software development services equip your firm with custom applications specifically designed to support your everyday needs, including managing finances and collecting billables. It all starts with reimagining how you keep track of these – and our legal industry-specific solutions are here to respond to your every need.

We help your legal practice manage each engagement with:

  • Custom software for billing and scheduling automation
  • Electronic document management
  • Regular technical support and upgrades.

The outcome of a case is influenced by variables both in and out of the court – and that includes the use of secure and up-to-date technology to espouse client service and refine your strategy.

Book a consultation with us today to leverage a smart use of IT support services that puts your legal practice on the side of the good fight in Toronto. Call us at 416-250-1040 or email: