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Cloud Hosted Systems

Can cloud hosted systems save you valuable time and money?

Cloud Hosted Solutions
You depend on major services like email, phones, QuickBooks, and all sorts of unique software to keep daily operations flowing smoothly. But it’s expensive to maintain all that equipment, and it takes a lot of time to ensure they’re always at their best. Save your money and energy by switching to Hosted Systems in the Cloud with M.I.T. Consulting, so you can outsource your stress and just get to work:

  • Safely access applications, files, and services out of the office using the Internet.
  • Encourage collaboration with remote file sharing.
  • Avoid management, maintenance, or expensive equipment for many vital services.
  • Get automated backups, updates, and patches for all your hosted services.
  • Protect your data with rigorous cloud security from our data centre, including encryption, password protection, and more.
  • Control user access so only authorized team members have access to sensitive data.
  • Improve disaster recovery with automated backups and protection from in-office disasters.
  • Make room for saving time and money- your two most valuable assets!
  • Move all sorts of services to the cloud, such as:
    • Exchange: Stop spam and store and access emails safely online
    • SharePoint: Share files and make collaboration efficient
    • QuickBooks: Streamline financials and share data with your accountant
    • Telephones: VoIP business phones are cost-effective and reliable
    • And More: Get customized support for your unique business needs

Just a quick note to let you how much we appreciated the great job your team did for us. I’ve been involved with all the major projects in Canadian Division for the last 20 years and have to say that this has been the most efficient and issue-free move, and yet more complex than all the others. Of course this was only made possible with the great efforts from the Movers and your company. Again, Thanks for the great job!"


It’s time for a Total Technology Experience – everything you need from start to finish from one source that you can trust: M.I.T. Consulting.

We’re your I.T. provider, plain and simple. Contact us at (416) 250--1040 or info@mitconsulting.ca to discover how easy I.T. can be.

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