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Ergonomics and Mounting

Make your technology look and feel as superior as it performs.

With so much technology needed to keep a business running smoothly, your office can quickly become an environment of disarray. Uncomfortable positioning of monitors and desks, unsightly bunches of wires, and clunky-looking hardware not only gets in the way, but also makes your office look less professional.

Take your I.T. off the ground and get an innovative organization solution with Ergonomics and Mounting services from {company}:

  • Fully tailored solutions that meet both your unique physical and technological needs.
  • Full range of mounting solutions, including projector, flat panel and LCD monitor mounts, as well as racks and accessories.
  • Human-centered designs for mounting that require less user effort to achieve a greater range of motion.
  • Enhance your viewing experience and alleviate stress.
  • Enjoy products from renowned companies in ergonomics and mounts, including:
    • Adtec: Industry leading TV wall mounts, flat screen mounts, monitor arms, projector mounts and laptop stands
    • Ergotron: Ergonomically designed digital display mounting and mobility products
    • MountFinder™: Innovative display and projector mounts, including the first-ever seismic-rated wall mounts for large flat panel displays

I have used several I.T. companies over the years but my experience has been that as they grow, their service deteriorates. Their response time worsened and they lose personnel who had become familiar with our system. M.I.T. has been looking after our office needs for the past 7 years. Its team is extremely knowledgeable and long term. They are concerned about our needs and keep our programs, data, and hardware up-to-date. We trust and rely on them for all our I.T. needs and would recommend them to others without hesitation."


It’s time for a Total Technology Experience – everything you need from start to finish from one source that you can trust: {company}.

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