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Technology Services & Solutions For Organizations In Ottawa

Keep your organization operational no matter what happens with the right I.T. on your side.

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How much do you rely on I.T. every day? Think of everything technology does for you, and what operations just couldn’t run if you didn’t have the right technology at your fingertips. If you lost access to vital data and applications, work would stop, and you’d be out for more than the cost of repairs:

  • Wasted employee hours and payroll dollars
  • Damaged reputation
  • Decreased morale
  • Lost business opportunities

Take care of your technology and it will take care of you. Get everything you need out of I.T. and focus on running your business – Turn to M.I.T. Consulting for complete Ottawa I.T. Support you can count on:

  • Innovative I.T. leadership to guide you towards solving real-world business problems with the right technology.
  • Remote data access via the cloud so you can work on the go.
  • Easily budgeted managed services to consolidate all your support for a monthly flat-rate fee.
  • Complete protection from malware, spam, and hacking attacks.
  • Business continuity planning to maintain vital operations during and after any disaster.
  • Round-the-clock I.T. support for any issue your staff faces.
  • Guidance on I.T. budgeting to make wise technology investments.

I have used several I.T. companies over the years but my experience has been that as they grow, their service deteriorates. Their response time worsened and they lose personnel who had become familiar with our system. M.I.T. has been looking after our office needs for the past 7 years. Its team is extremely knowledgeable and long term. They are concerned about our needs and keep our programs, data, and hardware up-to-date. We trust and rely on them for all our I.T. needs and would recommend them to others without hesitation."


It’s time for a Total Technology Experience – everything you need from start to finish from one source that you can trust: M.I.T. Consulting. We’re your Ottawa I.T. Support provider, plain and simple.

Contact us at (416) 250--1040 or info@mitconsulting.ca to discover how easy I.T. can be.