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Who We Help

Leverage unique I.T. solutions for your industry.

Every business is unique and needs hands-on I.T. guidance and support. That said, companies in the same industry often use similar systems and deal with similar issues, and solutions developed for one company provide huge benefits for everyone in that industry.

Take advantage of M.I.T. Consulting’s Industry-Specific Solutions to maximize the impact I.T. has on your business:

  • Solutions developed to solve problems for other businesses in your industry
  • Support and training for industry-specific software
  • Solutions for education, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and more

Rest easy knowing the experts at M.I.T. Consulting know exactly how to help you get everything you need from I.T. Call us at (416) 250--1040.


Provide a full technological experience for your staff and students.

  • A personal I.T. department focused on improving daily operations
  • Wireless networking for safe and simple Internet access for staff, students, and visitors
  • Support for testing, evaluation, and student management software
  • And more

Government Agencies

Maximize your I.T. budget and streamline daily operations.

  • Secure data storage in Canadian-based cloud data centres to comply with government regulations
  • Security audits to protect sensitive data against cybercrime and employee negligence
  • Digitized record keeping to safeguard files and free up office space
  • And more

Non-Profit Organizations

Make smart I.T. investments to save money and improve efficiency.

  • Financing guidance to maximize I.T. budget dollars
  • Automated backups to protect vital records from disaster
  • Simplified online file-sharing to promote collaboration with volunteers and sister organizations
  • And more

Thank you for solving my tech problem. It was not your typical glitch — it was more like a complicated knot. Your staff showed great care and diligence to probe the issue, and was able to solve the problem. I am happy to be with your company and for having such great staff."


It’s time for a Total Technology Experience – everything you need from start to finish from one source that you can trust: M.I.T. Consulting.

We’re your I.T. provider, plain and simple. Contact us at (416) 250--1040 or info@mitconsulting.ca to discover how easy I.T. can be.